African Americans. Discrimination!


African Americans. Discrimination! - How This Book Will Help You


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1.   In-Dept Analysis Of Discrimination To Fully Understand It


2.   Ready And Crafted By Our Team Specially For You: Speeches, Songs And Quotes To Use In Any Discussion, Lecture Or Conversation On The Discrimination.


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"This book is incredibly insightful - a must read!"

- Sophia Jackson


"Provides an excellent overview of discrimination against African Americans. Highly recommend!"

- Elijah Moore


"Informative and thought-provoking! Essential reading."

- Ava Miller

"One of the best books on discrimination against African Americans that I have ever read! This thoughtful work has opened my eyes to many topics related to race inequality in our society today. Highly recommended reading!"

- Naomi Cooper


"This book has given me the knowledge necessary to understand the daily struggles faced by African Americans throughout history. The powerful speeches, songs, and quotes throughout bring a sense of hope as they encourage readers to stand up for justice whenever possible."

 - Jordyn Smith


"Discrimination of African Americans is an eye-opening and compassionate book that I found to be incredibly useful in understanding the historical context of racism against African Americans.

It was inspiring to read quotes from activists, past and present, reminding us that progress can still be made if we come together and continue fighting for justice. I highly recommend this book!"

- Darryl Williams

Discrimination is a pervasive problem that has ravaged societies since the beginning of time. In the United States, African Americans have been the target of discrimination for centuries.


The roots of this discrimination run deep, and its effects can still be seen today. It takes many forms, from subtle acts of prejudice to blatant acts of violence.


It destroys lives, crushes spirits, and tears communities apart.


Understanding the nature of discrimination is crucial to being able to combat it. In "African Americans. Discrimination!", readers will gain a deep understanding of the roots of discrimination and how it has evolved over time.


They will learn about the ways in which discrimination manifests itself today, from racial profiling to income inequality.


Through compelling storytelling and powerful analysis, the book illustrates the destructive influence of discrimination and the devastating impact it has on the lives of African Americans.


But this book doesn't just focus on the past and present -- it encourages readers to take an active role in ending discrimination.


It provides practical advice on how to take action, as well as ways to cope with the stress of standing up against discrimination.


Whether you are seeking to take an active role in combatting discrimination or simply want to be a better ally, this book is an invaluable resource.


It will help you to understand, to empathize, and to act.


By understanding the nature of discrimination and the ways in which it affects people, readers will be able to engage in discussions on the topic with confidence and insight.


And much more – readers will be equipped not only with understanding of discrimination and how to fight it… but with the prime quality speeches, songs and quotes on discrimination to use in any discussion or lecture or just an everyday conversation.


Ultimately, this book is a call to action for all those who care about creating a more just and equal society.


African Americans. Discrimination! – Testimonials. 2

African Americans. Discrimination! – Feedback from Readers: 4

African Americans. Discrimination! - How This Book Will Help You. 6

I. Introduction. 13

A. Explanation of Discrimination. 14

B. Historical context of discrimination against African Americans. 16

II. Early Discrimination of African Americans. 18

A. Slavery period. 18

B. Segregation period. 20

C. Jim Crow Laws. 22

III. Contemporary Forms of Discrimination of African Americans. 24

A. Employment discrimination. 24

B. Housing discrimination. 26

C. Criminal justice system discrimination. 28

IV. Racism and Prejudice. 29

A. Explanation of racism... 29

B. Types of racism... 31

C. Influence of prejudice in discrimination. 33

V. Psychological and Social Effects of Discrimination. 35

A. Psychological effects. 35

B. Social effects. 41

VI. Possible Solutions to Discrimination. 46

A. Social justice and legal reform... 46

B. Anti-discrimination initiatives. 50

C. Social and cultural awareness. 53

VII. Conclusion. 55

A. Summary of the state of African American discrimination. 55

B. Call to action for addressing discrimination. 56

C. Looking towards a discrimination-free future. 57

VIII. Ready 21 Speeches About Discrimination of African Americans. 58

Speech 1: "A Call to Action: Confronting the Lasting Effects of Discrimination Against African Americans and Fighting for True Equality" 58

Speech 2: "Fighting for Equality: Unveiling the Discriminatory Reality of African Americans in America Today" 60

Speech 3: "Standing Together to End Discrimination of African Americans" 62

Speech 4: "Breaking the Chains of African American Discrimination" 64

Speech 5: "The Unjustified Struggle of African Americans: It's Time to End Discrimination" 67

Speech 6: “The Unbreakable Spirit of African Americans: How Discrimination Can Be Overcome”. 68

Speech 7: "The Unjust Treatment of African Americans - A Call to Action" 70

Speech 8: "The Continuous Struggles of African Americans to Combat Discrimination" 71

Speech 9: "The Ongoing Struggle: Discrimination of African Americans" 73

Speech 10: "The Injustice of Racism: Embracing Equality in the Face of Discrimination Against African Americans" 75

Speech 11: "A Call to Action: Eradicating Discrimination Against African Americans." 77

Speech 12: "Standing Up to Racism and Discrimination: How African Americans Can Fight Injustice Through Unity" 79

Speech 13: "The Injustices Forced on African Americans: A Call to Action" 81

Speech 14: "The Injustice of Prejudice: African Americans and the Fight Against Discrimination". 83

Speech 15: "The Impact of Discrimination on African Americans: How to Achieve True Equality. 85

Speech 16: "The Injustice of Discrimination Against African Americans" 87

Speech 17: "A Call to Action: Recognizing and Rejecting the Discrimination of African Americans." 89

Speech 18: "The Injustice of Racial Discrimination: A Call to Action" 91

Speech 19: "The Legacy of Discrimination: African Americans' Struggle for Equality." 92

Speech 20: "The Unjust Treatment of African Americans: A Call to End Discrimination" 94

Speech 21: ""Fighting the Injustice of Discrimination Against African Americans" 96

IX. Ready 15 Songs About Discrimination of African Americans. 98

Song  1: "The Injustice of Prejudice" 98

Song 2: "Break Free" 100

Song 3: "The Pain of Injustice" 102

Song 4: "Stand Together to Fight Discrimination" 104

Song 5: "The Fight To Win: A Song About Overcoming Racism." 106

Poem 6: "Stand Strong and United." 108

Song 7: "Fighting Back: A Song of Freedom." 110

Song 8: "Everyday Fight" 111

Song 9: "Standing Strong Together" 112

Song 10: "No More Suppression" 114

Song 11: "The Change We Need" 116

Song 13: "Fight for Freedom" 120

Song 14: "We Will Overcome" 122

Song 15: "I know what's true." 124

X. Essential 55 Quotes On Discrimination of African Americans. 125


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Matthew S. Whitehorn & The Team (Authors)

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